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What We Offer

We are specialized in providing high precision CNC cutting of timber, rubber wood, mdf board, acrylic board. CNC cutting process can provide almost any 2D shape designs including shaped cutouts for assembling purposes.

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Why Choose
DMR CNC Cutting service...

Durable, High Quality Materials

DMR CNC CUTTING SERVICE has been in the wood carving business for 7 years. Proposing correct materials for the project.

Experienced team

Our team is skilled architects and designsers master artisans with years of experience and expertise in woodcarving works, techinchal detail drawings with using Autocad, 3DS Max software.

Bespoke Service

Experienced Advisor Service

We undertake different kinds of timber engraving services for all types of Acrylic, Wood and MDF as per the designs and specifications.

Our management team is mostly architects and interior designers. We provide all interior design and build  projects from start to completion.

What we offer


“DMR CNC Cutting Service was really helpful. The team helped me to choose correct material and most suitable decoration for my restaurant. I had a problem with choosing most durable decoration panel for my doors, but they took care of it right away.”

Joseph Kiwana

Chief Architect Designer

This team is really professional, they know what they're doing.
Helpful team thanks.

Jeffrey Chong

Corus Hotel Manager

“CNC CUTTING SERVICE Professionals were quick, courteous and very helpful. They helped me redesign my main dining area ceiling decoration. I was worried it wouldn’t be done in time for my  party, but they finished the job with time to spare!”
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Interior Designer

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients



  • What type of materials your CNC machine can cut
    Our machine can cut only below materials: - MDF BOARDS - All type of acrylic materials - Plywood - Rubber wood - Timber - Nyatoh
  • Do you provide drawing service for CNC
    Yes we have professional drawing team for you to help with your drawings.
  • How many years of experience you have?
    We are doing this service since 2019.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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